Lowcountry Local First’s 8th Annual Chef’s Potluck

Lowcountry Local Firsts 8th Annual Chefs Potluck

On Sunday the 26th of April, Lowcountry Local First had it’s 8th Annual Chef’s potluck on the exquisite grounds of the timeless Middleton Place. The weather could not have been better with warm sunshine and a light breeze ever-present. The experience was heightened as the smell of savory culinary delights wafted through the air all around the event and its attendees. Local guest restaurants included: Básico, CRU Cafe, The Ordinary, Indaco, and Edmund’s Oast. If I had a nickel for every time someone turned to me and said “this must be what Heaven is like,” I could buy myself a cupcake from Sugar Bakeshop–no joke!

Low Country Local Firsts 8th Annual Chefs Potluck

Lowcountry Local First is a non-profit based in the Charleston area that supports local, independent businesses and strives to cultivate interest and support for the culinary culture of The Holy City. This was the first event I have attended that was hosted by this wonderful organization and I was delighted and impressed with what they were and have been doing for Charleston’s farming communities.

All of the funds raised during this event were put toward the Growing New Farmers Program, which provides a low risk, collaborative combination of classroom and hands-on training for individuals that have an interest in the business of farming from seed to sales. This initiative has been highly successful with graduates going on to found their own farms, run local businesses and start new farmers markets around the Lowcountry.

Above is a photo of the farmers that were able to attend the Chef’s Potluck this year. I would have to say my favorites were Compost in my Shoe–it’s hard to resist the beard, bow tie and blazer combo–and Clammer Dave, who provides scrumptious clams to many restaurants that I frequent in Charleston.

If you have been searching for a down-to-Earth group of individuals who volunteer their time and money to enriching our beautiful Charleston, look no further because Lowcountry Local First has what you are looking for. And remember, Buy Local, Eat Local & Be Local!


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