Passion from My Parents


Yay for Kay!

One of my mom’s favorite places is Kiawah so it’s very apropos that this shot should be taken there. I love this picture because it really defines her joyful, spontaneous and determined spirit – not to mention showcases the fact that she has great style and like every southern lady is well equipped for any occasion.

The back story here is that Kay had a client who was very interested in an island site that had become a bit overgrown and wild. Warning the spot may be of interest to a snake or two as well she didn’t miss a beat: She just threw open her trunk, grabbed an ever-present golf club and the only pair of boots handy – galoshes – and broke her golden rule of “clients first” by insisting on preceding the couple… whacking the bushes along the way just in case. Yes, she will literally ALWAYS go the extra mile (or step) for a client, a trait I aspire to, myself.

I’ve become close friends with her close friends over the years, many of whom have watched me grow up. And most of the friends in question began their relationship with Kay as clients. Watching her take such a personal interest in her clients made a huge impact on my own work ethic and style. Like Kay, I, too, want to have life-long friends that I first met by helping them make their dreams come true when it comes to finding the perfect house.

“Treating clients like family” has become second nature to all of us and it’s an amazing way to make finding the perfect match for house hunters easier. What would you do if you had to help a family member find a new home? You would match the area, the neighborhood, the home and all the extras to their specific needs and personalities of course. My mom is so great at this, it has been a meaningful and advantageous journey in modeling my own work strategy after hers.

Lily Herndon Weaks

Kay rocks some of her awesome signature eyeglasses and classic reds, wielding her 5 Iron, often used at her favorite Course, Cassique, at The Preserve.